Love Yourself Enough to Put Yourself First

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love yourself enough to walk away
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L.A. Randle

I am not here to convince you of anything, believe what you will. I’m just here to tell my story because everyone has a story to tell, and I refuse to let someone else tell it for me.


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Audio Episode Summary

I want to talk to you guys about self-mastery and the importance of loving yourself. I’m not sure if you are familiar with this term, but I would like to go over the definition of self-mastery and what that looks like to me. 

Self-mastery is the ability to control yourself in all situations and move forward consciously and steadily toward your goals.

I lacked self-mastery for a long time. I’m talking about 37 years’ worth of lack. There was a lack of self-control. I lacked discipline, I lacked consistency, and I lacked emotional intelligence. 

I talk much about this in my pilot episode, “Forgiving What You Can’t Forget“.

I’m not going to sit here and proclaim that I have it all together and that I have fully mastered myself. I’m still trying to get it right. 

It’s a journey.

And now that I’m on said journey, I’m in the mood to share with you how I got to the point in my life where I realized that I mattered. Before I rallied the troops and persuade them of my importance, it was crucial for me to value myself first.

Loving Yourself Means Putting Yourself First.

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The universe guided me to begin cultivating a stronger relationship with myself in order to fulfill my destiny.

I had finally gotten tired. I got tired of myself. I got tired of blaming everybody else for my lack thereof. I grew weary of failing to achieve the goals I had set for myself.

At the end of the day, I didn’t reach my highest potential because I didn’t believe in my own power, which is God’s power.

I spent a huge chunk of my time fighting for people. I was fighting for their health, their relationships, and their happiness, to the point where I forgot to fight for myself.

I’m an Aquarius. I am a humanitarian. I want the people around me to be better versions of themselves.

I hold people accountable for their actions and decisions, and I have never been afraid to express how I feel.

If I find that something isn’t about you or is beneath you, then we’re going to speak about it. 

Most people struggle to accept such attention because they find it difficult to face criticism. A lot of times, when you are the person to hold others accountable for their behaviors, you end up being the villain. 

People are going to be who they are. People are going to do what they want with their lives. That’s an ongoing lesson that my husband continues to teach me. 

I got tired of fighting for people who didn’t fight for themselves. So I decided to put that energy into myself.

I decided to choose myself. I decided to see how far I could actually get if I took the energy that I had poured into other people and poured it into my own cup.

I wanted my cup to runneth over so much that the people around me could benefit from it. 

This is where God gives me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change and the courage to change the things I can. 

I had finally come to the realization that I could only change myself. And by changing myself, others might just follow. By changing the way I approach things in my life, I could possibly help other people see themselves better. 

There comes a point in one’s life where change has to happen. And for me, that change was inevitable. I was just fighting against my greatness. 
I have the ability to see greatness in everyone else but myself. I knew it was there; I was just afraid to embrace it. 

We have to stop being so afraid to embrace the greatness that was bestowed upon us. Our destiny was to achieve extraordinary feats. But until we become our own cheerleaders, those amazing things will remain on the back burner.

We can’t pour from an empty cup; that is a universal law. Make it a priority to pour into your cup before you pour into someone else’s, and watch how much easier life becomes for you and the people around you. 

Until next time, my friends.
Love and light

L.A. Randle


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  • I have been saying this for so long. Self love is so much more than just spas and trips. It’s an internal cleanup. And it takes work and dedication.

  • I was talking about this to my sister a while back. Loving yourself isn’t spa days. I think social media has blurred lines between real healing and superficial healing

  • I literally was homeless, jobless and even went to jail for a year. Now I am stable with a nice job, and I got married two years ago. All of these happened when I built a relationship with Jesus. There is no other love.

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L.A. Randle

I am not here to convince you of anything, believe what you will. I’m just here to tell my story because everyone has a story to tell, and I refuse to let someone else tell it for me.

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