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Discover the power of nature with our exclusive collection of eBooks on herbal remedies. These carefully curated guides offer in-depth knowledge and practical advice on using herbs to enhance your mental health.

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Reconnect with your higher self

  • Dear Little Brown Girl - A collection of letters to my childhood self.

  • It's Definitely Me- Turning responsibility into accountability.

  • Broken - Drama filled my life and fueled my entire existence.

  • Girl Gone Good - Fairy tales Really Do Come True.

L.A. Randle

Certified Herbalist

L.A. Randle

I come from a world of loneliness, heartbreak, and sickness.

I no longer wanted that to be my story, so I made the decision to change the trajectory of my thinking.

I began to believe my own delusions, and I chose to KNOW that I deserve everything that God has for me.

I seek to know, and I continue to seek to find. I firmly believe that health is wellness, and it should begin with the MIND.

To help women over 40  reclaim their health and vitality

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Self Care Is Self Love

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Self Mastery

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Audio Episodes on Self Mastery

There is nothing in life worth having if you don't have understanding of self. My mission is to bring healing to those in need through amazing conversations on topics that matter to women the most.

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